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I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley where I work closely with Joseph Gonzalez, Prabal Dutta, and Ion Stoica. I am broadly interested in teaching LLMs to use tools, and ML-Systems. I am affiliated with the Sky Computing Lab (previously RISE), Lab11, and Berkeley AI Research (BAIR).

I interned with Apple in 2023, Google Brain (now DeepMind) and Cloud in 2022, and Amazon Science Core ML in 2021. Previously, I spent two wonderful years as a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India, where I was advised by Prateek Jain, Harsha Simhadri and Vivek Seshadri.

I created and lead the Gorilla, GoEx, RAFT, OpenFunctions, and Berkeley Function Calling Leaderboard projects. Learn more about Gorilla: [Website] [Github] [Twitter]


Here are some key projects I have co-created:
Star Gorilla : Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs
Star   POET : Neural Network training on edge devices
Star EdgeML : Neural Network inference on edge devices
Star   Gorilla-CLI : LLMs for your Command Line


  • “Gorilla and Connecting Large Language Models to the outside world”
    • Google Research (Bengaluru, India), December 2023
    • Microsoft Research India (Bengaluru, India), December 2023
    • Deepmind (London, United Kingdom), November 2023
    • UCL NLP Seminar Series (London, United Kingdom), November 2023
    • Meta (London, United Kingdom), November 2023
    • Sky Camp (Berkeley, CA), October 2023
    • Ray Summit (San Francisco, CA), September 2023
    • Kong API Summit (San Francisco, CA), September 2023
    • Simon’s Institute for Theory of Computing (Berkeley, CA), August 2023
    • Llamaindex Webinar (San Francisco, CA), August 2023
    • Mosaic ML (San Francisco, CA), August 2023
    • Intel (Santa Clara, CA), August 2023
    • Microsoft Research Redmond (Redmond, WA), June 2023
    • Berkeley LLM Hackathon (Berkeley, CA), June 2023
    • Apple (Cupertino, CA), May 2023
    • Sky Summer Retreat (Tahoe, CA), May 2023
  • “POET: Training Neural Networks for the Bleeding Edge!”
    • Dagstuhl Seminar (Wadern, Germany), October 2023
    • Harvard Systems + Theory group (Boston, MA), April 2023
    • Sky Winter Retreat (Monterey, CA), January 2023
    • Google Research (Bengaluru, India), December 2022
    • Microsoft Research (Bengaluru, India), December 2022
    • Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA), September 2022
    • Princeton University (Princeton, NJ), September 2022
    • Google Federated Learning Talks (Mountain View, CA), August 2022
    • University of Washington (Seattle, WA), July 2022
  • “GesturePod and on device ML”
    • UIST 2019 (New Orleans, LA, USA), October 2019
    • Microsoft Research Techfest (Redmond, WA), March 2019
    • VMare Research 2019 (Monterey, CA), January 2019
    • RISE Retreat 2019 (Monterey, CA), January 2019
    • Microsoft Research (Bengaluru, India), January 2019

Miscellaneous: I race go-karts all year-round, ski in winters, and sail in summers. If we are going sailing, please read this.